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District Governor Randy Harrison 27-D1 District Governor
Randy Harrison

This past July, Lion Sandy and I made it to the International Convention in Toronto. The District Governor-Elects (DG-Es) had three days of training. It was a learning experience as each class had DG-Es from other states and countries. The last three days were on Plenary Sessions where over 20,000 people gathered to see and hear about Lions in 2014-2015. I am still amazed and impressed at what we, as Lions, do in our communities.

Sandy and I went to Dundee to the Youth Exchange Camp. Over 20 countries were represented at Camp. Watching these young people interact, you wonder why we have problems in the world. Lion Ben August is co-chair for the Youth Exchange Camp and does one heck of a job. We had four Wisconsin youth representing 27-D1 attend the Camp. Our District hosted eight young adults from outside the US. Our youth can apply to be a Youth Exchange student for 2015. Please contact Lion Ben August for more information.

This year, one of the District's objectives is to start or expand a service project in each community. On page 6 of the August 2014 Wisconsin Lion, 27-A2 DG Chuck Steinmetz listed '100 Simple Service Project Ideas'. The list was categorized for youth, children, environment and Health/Nutrition.

For the youth, our District has 14 Leo clubs. September is a good time to work within your community to start Leo Clubs. Leo Clubs provide young people with the opportunity to develop valuable leadership skills through service in their community and around the world. If your club is interested in learning more about starting a Leo Club, contact 27-D1 Leo Chair Judy Hatz at (715) 218-0226 or

Part of Lion President Joe Preston's award process is “Blueprint for a Stronger Club”. This Guide provides a simple process for drawing up your club's own Blueprint for a stronger club with an emphasis on four core dimensions: club operations, service, leadership development and membership. Your club may choose to include additional aspects, but these four are essential as we strengthen our clubs and strengthen the Pride. Whether you choose to use the CEP or not, it is important that you take action to strengthen your club, and it all starts with a plan! For more information, go to!

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. It is the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results”. Quote by Andrew Carnegie.