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District Governor Randy Harrison 27-D1 District Governor
Randy Harrison

This year DG Lion Bob Faliveno's slogan was “You have the Power”. He gave us the power to achieve greatness and I thank him for his leadership and a great year in lionism. Let us also not forget to thank DG Bob's spouse Lion Becky for her work in partnering with DG Bob as his partner in service.

Helping to make the 2013-2014 year a success is our IPDG Daryl. His major role as IPDG was the District Conviction which came off very successful. Lion Daryl has taken on the District Alert committee and revised it to be a meaningful and worthwhile endeavor for clubs.

As DGE my team has been put into place for the coming year 2014-2015. Our GLT, Lion Rob Sherman and GMT Lion Jodi Burmester leaders have ended their 3 year term. I'd personally like to thank Lion Rob Sherman and Lion Jodi Burmester for our district's success with their guidance as GLT and GMT. I am pleased to announce that both Lion Bob and Lion Jodi have joined our 2014-2015 team with their many years of knowledge and leadership.

Lion Tammy Rockenbach stepped up to become the new chair. Lion Tammy and Lion Jodi have made a few modifications to the GMT committee. In the future CEP will be part of GMT with Lions Jodi Burmester, Eric & Laurie Holthaus and Tracy Hoffman. Our Growth team will be led by Lions Emmet Riley. Gary St. Louis, Neil Winchell, and Jerry Schmitz will work on both new and existing club recruitment. The Family and Women will be led by Lion Karen Knox. Our Extension position will be led by Lion John Elvekrog. He will identify communities without a Lions Service Club for future growth. Retention leader Lion Tara Vraniak, and Lion Warren Koenig will be working on Reinstatement of members who have left a club.

Lion Al Johnson has become our new GLT leader and his team consists of fellow Lions Rob Sherman, Neil Winchell, Bob Faliveno, Bill Clusius, Tracy Hoffman and Jerry Schmit. They will continue their goals of Leadership training, Zone Chair leadership, club officer training, and recruitment of new leaders within the district.

Rounding off the 2014-2015 DG Team is our 1VDG Dick Schwedrsky and 2nd VDG Eric Holthaus. These two lions will assist in running the District.

Lion's International theme for 2013-3014 was “Follow your Dream” Our 2014-2015 theme is “Strengthen the Pride” For me “Strengthen the Pride” means strengthen the District. For zone chairs it's to strengthen the clubs. For club presidents it is to strengthen their clubs; and for members it is to strengthen their membership. Our District goals are achieved by your club goals. “Strengthen the Pride” is the pride of accomplishment in building our communities, providing meaningful service, and helping those in need. This feeling of pride forms the foundation of our commitment to service others, and has made us the global leader in humanitarian service. This is the platform for success in the coming year and for futurist years.

I am very honored and excited to be your District Governor and am looking forward to visiting your clubs, events and projects and meeting and working with all of you.